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December 2017

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January 1st 1970

9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Rose Garden North Lane Headingley LS6 3JJ

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Market News December 2017

HEADINGLEY FARMERS’ MARKET SATURDAY 9th Dec 2017 (2nd Saturday of the month)

The cold weather for November Market did not keep shoppers away or deter choir members from attending and singing uplifting songs which certainly helped to create the happy, busy atmosphere we all enjoyed. The Autumn leaf game was clearly a hit with the children (as well as the small prize that each child who does the game receives). December Market will bring yet another new game for both older and younger children.


BACKGARDEN BLOOMS with be there again with their lovely Christmas fare. MELANIES CHOCOLATE will have their yummy, beautifully presented chocolates and RELIANCE will be back with their delicious salamis and chorizo all made in Leeds.


We are sadly saying goodbye to HORSFORTH BLOSSOMS as December market will be their last Headingley Market so do stock up with their honey and lovely bees’ wax products including Christmas candles.

YORKSHIRE PIE BAKERY is now very much a regular with their wide range of different flavoured pork pies made from locally sourced pork.

John JOHNSON will be there with his ever popular fresh fish.

As usual we will have our THREE CHEESE STALLS bringing very delicious but very different types of cheeses to Headingley, LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER, CRYER AND STOTT and SQUEAKY CHEESE (formerly YORKSHIRE DAMA CHEESE). They all have prize winning varieties and lots of tasters to try. Please note that Yorkshire Dama Cheese may have changed their name to Squeaky Cheese but they still sell the very same award winning Halloumi cheese. Check out their website which tells the fascinating story of their move from Syria to Yorkshire. Razan is now becoming quite famous – not only did she feature on ‘The Bottom Line’ on Radio 4 but on August 14th she also appeared on BBC 2 in Nadia’s Kitchen!! Do seek out her stall and ask her about her delicious recipes which featured on the programme. Don’t forget Lincolnshire Poacher sell raw milk and butter from their farm as well as cheeses.

BONDGATE BAKERY from Otley will have a wide selection of all kinds of breads.

SWILLINGTON ORGANIC will bring chicken, pork, beef and lamb from their East Leeds Organic farm including their award-winning sausages.

ASHARUN will be back in December with freshly made samosas and a wide selection of spices.

HEADINGLEY COUNTRY MARKETS are our very own co-op, producing cakes, biscuits, and preserves from Headingley kitchens.

Jo at THISTLEMIST will have her many homemade soups and sauces.

GLUTEN FREEKZ will bring their 100% gluten free pies, cakes and much more.

ORGANIC PANTRY will have their packed stall of organic vegetables.

HAPPI FOODS will bring their raw ingredients, all additive free, gluten free and sugar free products.

Mario OLIANAS will bring his pizzas, enormous doughnuts and his home-made award winning Yorkshire Pecorino Cheese and lots more.

YANNIS KARDAMARKIS will have some of this season’s olive oil and olives from his family farm in Crete and many other Greek delicacies. You can refill your olive oil bottles and save money. Look out for his Christmas offers.

Alex from YORKSHIRE ORCHARDS will bring apple juice and juices mixed with many local fruits - raspberries, rhubarb, strawberries, blackcurrants, blackberries.

CHURCH FARM EGGS will be there selling their hen, quail, and duck eggs. Please note Nigel Barden, the radio 2 chef, uses Church Farm Eggs in his recipes!

Vicky WHITELEY will NOT be attending either December or January Markets but will be back in FEBRUARY bringing her famous rhubarb.


Bassa Bassa will be performing from about 10.30am


Our monthly game for the kids is becoming more and more popular. We make up a different game every month – always fun to do and everyone gets a small prize. Come to the Headingley Development Trust (HDT) Stall to join in.

The HDT Stall has lots of information about events in Headingley. If you are not already a member of HDT you can give your support to the many local projects it runs by becoming a member for £5. The stall also sells the red Farmers’ Market shoulder bags for £4 each.

Don’t forget your recycling- egg boxes, jars and bottles. You can also get refills of olive oil from Yannis’s stall.

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We do not sell hot food and drinks at the Market as there are lots of cafes in Headingley. Why not have a coffee or lunch at HEART Café on nearby Bennett Rd. Like the Farmers’ Market it is an HDT project so please support it.

We look forward to seeing you, your friends and family 9-12.30 on Saturday 9th December 2017 at the Rose Garden, Headingley LS6 3JJ.